The Skills Renaissance

How to start a revolution in re- & upskilling

People rate the
‘opportunity to learn’
as among their top
reasons for taking a job

- Josh Bersin

At TI People, we believe all individuals deserve better experiences and know that the organizations who deliver them in every moment are more successful. For 2020, we expect the next ‘big thing’ in employee experience to be career development, as it brings the biggest return, by far. Here is why:

Talent managers know that in our new, agile world, work is organized more by skills then by jobs, and new skill requirements are evolving faster than ever before. For employees, success depends on the ability to acquire new skills fast. For companies, success depends on effective deployment of new skills.

Hence, skill building and career development will merge into one. And only by a human centered design and delivery of the career experience will people at work feel empowered to continuously acquire new skills. That is a self-led approach to careers and skills – and it is nothing less than a ‘revolution’. A human-centered EX approach and the right organizational readiness will allow companies to manage that revolution in 2020. Here is the playbook!

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Ask the right question

In starting a project, it is crucial to solve the right problem. This can be achieved by a well-formulated ’how might we question’, or statement of intent for product/service design and delivery and is encapsulated in the ‘Question Zero’ case study.


Focus on the right talent

Not all employees experience learning equally. For a process that will require significant amounts of self-motivation from individuals, it becomes necessary to understand what drives different segments in the workforce. This can be achieved using personas as a methodology to really ‘get under their skin’.


Intrigue the right people

Progressing a project that shows how change applies to an organization more broadly requires support from a wide range of stakeholders from within HR, across the business, and leadership. This can be aided with a stakeholder mapping exercise, as well as a focus on ensuring there is a strong business case for change.


Pick the right technology partner

With any project, especially those with a focus on a re– and upskilling platform, it is highly likely that organizations will need to seek external partners. TI People conducted a neutral assessment of vendors who can deliver in this space, graded them by product features and maturity, and presented this information as a vendor landscape.


Make the right business case

Once there are the right initial conditions for the development of a project, now is the time to realize ideas and prove that they are achievable more broadly within the organization. Use our guide to help choose the format of how you show the feasibility of your concept, as well as look for a suitable location to run it within the organization.


Tell the right success story

In order to prepare the organization for the wider roll-out of a new solution, there will need to be an emphasis on story-telling, especially with regards to the success of the pilot/ proof of concept. In order to build this further you will need to create a community of re– and upskillers who can spread the word throughout the workforce.


Make it happen

A look at where to go next in order to start your revolution. Think big, start small, iterate as you scale.

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