Managing the Employee Experience is
the next big thing in HR

As employees, we all experienced frustration with HR services or systems. In many respects employees, managers and candidates are customers of HR. Our expectations of HR are now shaped by ever-improving experiences as consumers – the bar for HR service quality is constantly raised. To manage the Cx of HR actively yields impressive returns: Higher engagement leading to better attraction, maintaining and performance of talent. Higher productivity as effortless HR services will provide managers and employees with additional time. And a more efficient HR function, as application and artificial intelligence, will simplify HR tasks and place them in the hands of managers and employees. 

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Success Factor No. 1 - Designing Great Experiences

To improve the ‘Customer Experience of HR’ (CxHR)’ dependably for employees, managers, candidates, alumni, and freelancers a focused re-design of the experience is required. Two measures are important: (1) As customers of HR are experiencing HR services in outside-in ‘journeys’ (not inside-out processes), we need to re-design customer journeys of HR. This change must be targeted at the actual point of intervention – the ‘touchpoint’ of the HR customer with the service. (2) The re-design has to be achieved in ‘fast experiments’, including a strong involvement of the customer. The proven methodology is ‘HR service design thinking’ – interactive, fast, customer-led, and very engaging.

Deliver great customer experiences at scale – the CxHR Platform

The biggest risk in managing CxHR is a flash in the pan – e.g. starting a new initiative that nobody wants to hear about after six months. To avoid this scenario, HR needs the capability to design, measure and manage the experience of its customers at scale. This is what we built the CxHR Platform for: Fast, intuitive-design of the HR customers’ experience, relying on a global database of great experience solutions, local re-design of specific HR service touchpoints, and real-time data to measure and manage the experience with dashboards at multiple levels.

Download the brochure to learn more about managing employee experience at scale, with the co-created TI People CxHR Platform:

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Join other HR leaders to continuously innovate a focused set of HR journey maps for a better CxHR.

How we support our clients

Journey Design Tool

An Interactive SAAS application that helps you design, visualize and document your HR journeys from the employee’s point of view.

Journey Maps Templates

Access reference journeys that include personas, behaviors, touchpoints, channels, pain points, ideas, feelings, a storyboard, and desired outcomes.

Measurement Plug-in & HRIS Integration

Add a measurement plug-in to the journey design tool and measure employee experience at touchpoints and journey levels and benchmark KPIs.

E-learning "HR Service Design Thinking"

Get a solid introduction to Design Thinking in HR, a pragmatic toolkit, and templates explaining you how to use Design Thinking in your organization.

Journey Networks

Join other HR leaders to continuously innovate a focused set of HR journey maps (Joining & Onboarding, Learning, Performing, Advancing, Consuming HR Services, Managing my Team).


Pre-packaged consulting to pilot your CxHR priority in a six to eight weeks engagement – including discover & explore, design, validate & activate phases.

E-learning Course - HR Service Design Thinking

Understand why Design Thinking is a great tool for HR professionals and how to apply it in your organization.

We partner with you to redesign one or two journeys using our CxHR methodology. You deploy CxHR at scale. 

Journey Re-Design

  • Identify personas and journeys
  • Survey and interview customer
  • Design solutions in design thinking workshop
  • Document pain points and solutions
  • Check feasibility
  • Define KPIs and measure EX impact

CxHR Platform

  • Online tool to support journey design
  • Co-created journey and persona templates
  • Local sharing and versioning of journeys
  • Measurement
  • Benchmarking
  • Dashboarding