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The State of Employee Experience

Customers do not come first.
Employees come first.
If you take care of your employees,
they will take care of your customers.

- Richard Branson

The title of our ‘State of Employee Experience 2019’ research initiative is 3… 2… 1… On the Launchpad from Strategy to Execution. It links nicely with this year’s 50th anniversary of the original ‘moonshot’ – the Apollo 11 mission:

With extremely high adoption rates, large companies have massively embraced the idea of employee experience as a key driver of engagement and productivity. They have started various activities to explore EX, and are preparing to build a new sub-function to manage it. Yet, the various EX activities across large companies are still somewhat blurry: Only some have defined a consistent EX strategy, and even fewer are implementing it. It is in that sense that EX resembles a moonshot.

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Three out of four CEOs believe in the business value of Employee Experience. They are convinced that this quote from entrepreneur Richard Branson is true for their organizations:

Customers do not come first.
Employees come first.
If you take care of your employees,
they will take care of your customers.

- Richard Branson

100 hours direct productivity per employee

Providing an effortless experience to your managers and employees has a big impact on their productivity. Our survey results show that you can save every year 100 hours per employee.

This results for our average 20,000-employee company in a potential 71 Million USD savings per year.

Additional 85 Million USD indirect impact via engagement​

75 % of the HR practicioners buy into the logic that EX at moments of truth leads to higher work productivity, retention and attraction. And in more general terms, they agree to the fact that where engagement is the result, EX is the cause. In other words, EX is a way to make engagement manageable.

If this indirect engagement accounts for 55% of the total EX, this is a total value of 85 Million USD per year for our 20,000-employee sample company.

Central EX team of 3 FTE’s​

EX is a different way of working: Journey owners, managers, and local HR teams are looking at what they do through the lens of the employee. It is not adding incremental workload to either of these teams.

What is needed is a central team to facilitate EX, with a capacity of three full time employees for the average 20,000-employee company.

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